Cellar Plan Options

A Cellar Plan is a way to build a collection of excellent wine at a fraction of what it might cost to you to buy the same bottles on a bottle by bottle basis in the future. By putting some money aside each month, it won’t be long until you have an enviable collection ready to start enjoying.

Your account manager will tailor a selection of wines that you can both enjoy now, and use to build a cellar for future drinking.

Future Drinking

After an initial discussion with your account manager, wines for both short-term and long-term drinking can be tailored to your tastes to help you build an exceptional cellar for future drinking.

Future Drinking & Investment

For generations, many wine collectors have bought more than they need in order to offset the cost of drinking by selling wines that perform well in the market. Our experience of the market is key in creating a wonderfully balanced cellar.

Investment only

Our market experience is key for this plan and we recommend allowing your account manager discretion on additions to your account. You will of course be kept fully informed on all purchasing decisions and are encouraged to ask any questions you might have. We will only select wines that we believe will improve in value or have a proven track record in the market.