What is a Cellar Plan and other FAQs

What is a Cellar Plan?

A Cellar Plan is a way to build a collection of excellent wine at a fraction of what it might cost to you to buy the same bottles on a bottle by bottle basis in the future. By putting some money aside each month, it won’t be long until you have an enviable collection ready to start enjoying.

How much do I need to pay each month?

Our Cellar Plans start at a minimum of £100 per month which will allow your Cellar Plan manager to build a collection tailored exactly o your wishes and requirements. For plans that are to include wines for investment purposes, we recommend a minimum of £250 per month. There are no management fees, so all of the money you put in to your plan will go directly in to wine for the cellar.

How are the wines for my Cellar chosen?

Following your initial enquiry and sign-up, your Cellar Plan manager will be in touch with you to discuss exactly what your ambitions are. It may be that a meeting at one of our bars is more convenient, or simply a conversation on the phone; your Cellar Plan manager will make sure they understand your preferences completely and will look to make recommendations based on your requirements. When you begin a Davy’s Cellar Plan, you will be able to choose whether to allow discretionary additions to the cellar, or to maintain complete control yourself, meaning that there are options for you to take as little or as much involvement in the Cellar Plan as you’d like.

Can I see what wines I have in my Cellar?

You can request a Cellar Certificate, (independently audited once a year) and current valuation based on Liv-Ex market data, from your Cellar Plan manager at any time.

How do I know what I have spent and what my remaining balance is?

For an up to date accurate statement on all monies received on your Cellar Plan, which wines have been purchased and what remains, please email your Cellar Plan Manager.

What are the benefits of being a Cellar Plan Member?

From time to time you will be offered wines and event invitations exclusive to Cellar Plan members, as well as first refusal on many wine offers which are expected to be over-subscribed. Cellar Plan Members receive reduced storage rates at £8.95 per case (9 litres or 12x75cl) per year, ex VAT. On plans of £250 per month or more, Davy’s are delighted to start your cellar off with a complimentary case of wine*.

Can I take my wines out for delivery & drinking?

Of course. Depending on your preferences, your wines will either be stored under bond (excluding duty & VAT) at London City Bond, or duty paid in our Greenwich warehouses. For delivery from either we recommend a few days’ notice in order to arrange.

For more information about how to start a Cellar Plan visit our Cellar Plans page, or alternatively get in touch with the Davy’s Fine Wine team via phone on 020 8858 6011, via email at privatecellars@davy.co.uk or click here to download a Cellar Plan form.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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