Christmas Recommendation From Davy’s Team

Our wine team have been working on their personal Christmas selections for their friends and family. Hopefully by sharing them with you, it may inspire you to select your own wines for the season. Simply following the links below for the teams selection.

james.bannerI tend to favour the classics when it comes to wine and there is no better time than Christmas to enjoy their elegance when matched well with heavenly food. My picks for Christmas day are Champagne, Burgundy , Claret and a delicious Madeira to wash down the pudding.

andrew.bannerTo complete my Christmas dinner I will be drinking the following 4 wines. Not only do they complement the rich, flavoursome foods of the season they are also styles that should appeal to all and just as importantly without breaking the bank!

Timothy Wood – Sales & Event Manager

For the last few years we have served goose to our guests for Christmas day lunch, I’ll be matching this with an intense Pinot Noir from Burgundy.  My personal vice is enjoying a sherry (or two) whilst cooking lunch, this year we have some superb new additions to the list from El Vino’s.  To round off the day, a rich and complex Monbazillac…

Celia Buridant – Sales Manager

This year I will be cooking for my family. While I do enjoy the classics I have also selected some unusual  wines that I think are both serious and will please the whole family whilst offering great value.