Christmas Food & Wine Pairing


Seafood and Oysters – Traditionally matched with a dry and clean Muscadet, but Bourgogne Aligoté, Chablis and of course Champagne is just as good.

Smoked Salmon – This always work best with a dry white , either aromatic or crisp. Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis, dry Riesling and Champagne are all great pairings.

Asparagus/Jerusalem Artichoke soup – These delicate dishes work well with lightly aromatic wines. Sauvignon from New Zealand and dry Alsatian Riesling are both a great match.

Terrine & Foie Gras – Rich starters like these are best matched with sweet textured wines. The classic pairing is a delicate Sauternes with honeyed notes, or try something different with the aromatic flavours of a sweet Gewurztraminer.

Main Courses

Roast turkey – The main event, a full-bodied white or medium-bodied red with low tannin will work well here. Meursault & Puligny Montrachet are excellent but Pouilly-Fuisse, Macon, or lightly oaked Australian Chardonnay will be good pairings too. If you would rather a red wine try a Cote de Beaune or a Beaujolais for a great match.

Honey-glazed ham – Delicate, glazed dishes are usually paired with a lively and fruit-driven red. Beaujolais and New Zealand Pinot Noir are great pairings, but an aromatic white such as a German Riesling would work too.

Roast Goose and Duck – Flavoursome meat needs an intense wine, but not necessarily a rich one: red Burgundys such as Gevrey Chambertain are perfect. If you would rather a white a matured Rieslings is best.

Roast Beef or Lamb – Rich red meats need a big and refined red wine. Classic reds such as Bordeaux, Rioja and Tuscan wines are a must.

Caramelised Root Vegetables – Sweet vegetables are best paired with warm climate red wines. The ideal match would be an Australian Shiraz or an Argentine Malbec.


Christmas Pudding – The richness of a Pedro Ximénez Sherry works really well, otherwise the depth and complexity of an aged Sauternes will make a delightful match.

Cheese – Blue Cheeses are traditionally matched with concentrated and tannic Vintage port. Serve with some walnuts to complete a wonderful combination of flavours.
Hard and Smoked cheeses work better with the toffee texture of Tawny port.

Chocolate dessert – Tawny port and Sauternes will both ideally complement your chocolate mousse or tart.

Fruit dessert – Lighter desserts need to be matched with delicate wine. Sauternes and sweet Riesling are both excellent pairings. You could also serve Champagne to end a wonderful lunch or dinner.