Introducing the 2023 Vintage from La Brune

We are excited to announce the release of the 2023 vintage from La Brune, a testament to the skill and dedication of the winemaker and owner Nico Grobler, and the unique terroir of the Elgin Valley.

A Bit About La Brune

La Brune was founded by Nico Grobler, who was inspired by his early experiences in Burgundy, particularly during 2008 when he joined renowned winemaker and good triend Bruno Lorenzon for harvest at his Domaine in Mercurey. The philosophy of producing wines that embody elegance, finesse, and a sense of place took root in Nico’s mind, eventually leading to the creation of La Brune.

In 2010, Nico and his wife Christelle pursued their dream of crafting Pinot Noir, believing that the Elgin Valley’s terroir was ideal for their vision. By 2011, their first small harvest marked the birth of La Brune, and the brand has grown steadily, focusing on a Burgundian philosophy with single-vineyard expressions.

The Valley range, introduced in 2015, showcases the diversity of Elgin’s vineyards. Initially using grapes from two vineyards, it now includes ten, each contributing to the complexity and character of the wines. Their journey culminated in acquiring a farm in Elgin in 2020, where they continue to produce exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The 2023 Vintage: Challenges and Triumphs

The 2023 growing season in Elgin was marked by unique challenges. A warm, dry winter led to early bud break, followed by December rains that introduced high fungal pressure. The wet and cool summer further complicated the season, with additional rains in March extending the harvest into April. Despite these hurdles, the resulting wines exhibit lower alcohol levels and higher acidities, bringing a refreshing quality to the vintage​ (Jancis Robinson)​​ (Wine-Searcher)​.

Whites from 2023 are particularly noteworthy, having been harvested before the March rains. These wines are praised for their vibrancy and balance. The red wines, while more variable, also show promise, particularly for those adept at navigating the season’s complexities.

Highlighting the New Releases

Looking Ahead

Nico and Christelle’s dedication to producing world-class wines continues to drive La Brune’s success. As we release the 2023 vintage, we celebrate not only the wines but also the journey of La Brune, from its Burgundy-inspired inception to its flourishing in the Elgin Valley.