Domaine Bousquet

Hailing from Carcassonne, the Bousquet family arrived in Mendoza to explore both vineyards and wineries in 1990. Seven years later, they bought a parcel of land and planted their first vineyard. Being the 4th generation of winemakers in their family, they combine traditional winemaking techniques from Europe with Mendoza’s ideal winegrowing conditions. Their constant search to achieve optimum ripeness allows them to create wines that boast delicious fruit character with ripe tannins and high acidity. Their wines are all certified organic and have continuously received great reviews from wine critics. Read more...

The People

Bousquet’s daughter, economist Anne Bousquet, and her husband Labid Al Ameri, a successful trader with Fidelity in Boston, found themselves increasingly drawn to the cause, including the opportunity it offered to put their shared philosophy on sustainability into effect. After a 2002 trip to Argentina, the couple began to invest in Domaine Bousquet. In 2005, Al Ameri joined his father-in-law full time, helping with the construction of the winery. Anne continued her work as an economist, before joining the company in 2008. In 2009, the couple moved to Tupungato full-time, assuming full ownership of Domaine Bousquet in 2011.

The Vineyards

The estate consists of 240 hectares of vineyards situated in the Andes foothills at an altitude of 1200 meters/4000 feet above sea level. Along with being one of the highest vineyards in the world, the unique cool nights and constant breeze allows the production of ripe and well nurtured grapes producing quality wines.

240 Hectares
1200 to 4000 feet high
Sandy soil

The Wines

Chardonnay Reserve

Malbec ‘Premium’
Malbec Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Malbec Grand Reserve
Gaia Blend
Ameri Blend

Malbec Dulce


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