Seresin Estate

As the saying goes, if you haven’t heard of Michael Seresin, you should have! A film-maker (‘DP’) with credits as diverse as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Harry Potter’, he established his winery in the 1990’s as an escape from the hurly burly and to pursue his passion for biodynamic wine. His estate is located in the heart of Malborough, across the warm stony Warau valley up to the gentle clay slopes of the Omaka Valley. First vintage was released in 1996, with wines made solely from estate-grown grapes and today Seresin is a well-respected winery which farms all its vineyards biodynamically in order for their wine to express a strong sense of origin. This boutique winery only produces around 15000 cases annually for both whites and reds. View our selection.

Vineyard & Winemaking

Out of their estate, 60 hectares are planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris for whites and Pinot Noir for reds. All wines are fermented with wild yeasts to gain character and aged in barrel.

Wines Produced

No less than 11 whites are produced on the estate including 4 Sauvignon Blanc, 3 Riesling, 2 Chardonnay, 1 Pinot Gris and 1 Viognier as well as 8 Pinot Noir. They also produce 2 sparkling wine, Maona in white and rosé.

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