Burgundy En Primeur 2015

‘’Very good reds which we guess will keep well, but with the lovely ripeness of fruit and tannins these wines could be approached at a youthful age.  The whites are not far behind… but maybe better earlier. Quelle année!’’

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In November James Davy and Tim Wood visited Burgundy to taste the 2015 vintage in cask. Here is an extract from James’ vintage notes:

“2015 was kind to Burgundy. The vintage provided a pretty ‘normal’ quantity of wine. This has not been the case in recent years. In fact, for some areas there has been the equivalent in volume terms of three harvests in five years, such has been the damage inflicted by frost and hail! As 2015 was such a lovely growing season – dry spring with no disease, a warm summer, rain when needed, good harvest and yield, lovely conditions for picking – the biggest influence in style is down to picking dates. Without exception the Domaines we visited picked ‘early’, meaning end August (28th was a popular date) or very early September, with the harvest finished as soon as they could manage thereafter. The reason behind this is freshness. The growers we follow love their wines to display plenty of minerality and freshness to balance the fruit and subsequent oak.”

Stock is currently lying ex cellars in France, wines due to land in the UK in late 2017.  Prices are shown in bond (IB) London per 6 bts (unless stated otherwise). Onward delivery to home address is not included.  Stock and orders are subject to confirmation.

What's En Primeur

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