Discovering Clos des Nines: A Family-Owned Organic Winery in the Heart of Languedoc

At the end of the 90s, Isabelle Mangeart was drawn to the Languedoc region of France, seduced by its strong identity, rich history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant wine culture. After enrolling in a Viticulture & Oenology course in Montpellier, Isabelle gained valuable experience working alongside experienced vine-growers and winemakers. Today, she is the proud owner of Clos des Nines, a certified organic winery that encompasses 8 hectares of vines surrounded by traditional dry stone walls and nestled on hills near Montpellier.

The name Clos des Nines, meaning “The Vineyard of the Daughters” in the old ‘langue d’Oc’ dialect of the region, was chosen as a tribute to Isabelle’s three daughters. The adventure of Clos des Nines began in 2002 with the first pruning season, and over the years Isabelle and her husband Christian Marbler have focused on restructuring the estate and implementing environmentally-conscious farming methods. The vineyards of Clos des Nines are located on a Kimmeridgian Basin, characterized by soils dotted with fossilized oysters and limestone pebbles. The clay-limestone soils of the red grape varieties preserve the grapes’ potential acidity, while the loamy-sandy soils of the white grape varieties promote good drainage.

Sustainability is of the utmost importance at Clos des Nines. All wines are certified in organic farming, and the winery prioritizes a living soil that is amended with organic compost every fall and tilled only as necessary. They do not use synthetic products, and the preservation of biodiversity is integral to their practices. The manual harvest, which lasts 5 to 6 weeks, is done in the morning to preserve the freshness of the berries. In the cellar, they limit the use of sulphites and work to reveal the aromas of each grape variety and the character of their terroir, ensuring that their wines are protected and stable over time.

At Clos des Nines, Isabelle and her team are dedicated to producing wines that reflect the unique characteristics of their terroir and the rich wine culture of the Languedoc region. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the volcanic silhouette of Mont Saint Clair de Sète, the Domaine Clos des Nines is a must-visit destination for wine lovers looking to experience the best of the Languedoc region.

The Wines

Obladie Clos des Nines 2020
This gastronomic white wine embodies the full expression of our terroir. The nose is elegant, showcasing aromas of white peaches, pear, white fennel, with subtle hints of yellow flowers and brioche. The initial taste is fresh, leading to an intense and rich and floral mouthfeel, with a spicy and refreshing finish. Aged partially in new oak barrels for 8 months, this wine is a blend of 40% Grenache Blanc, 30% Roussanne, 20% Vermentino, and 10% Viognier.

Cinso Loco Clos des Nines 2021
This wine is made 100% from Cinsault grapes sourced from a 35-year-old vineyard. The nose is delicate, with aromas of berry fruits and hints of pepper. On the palate, it has a medium-bodied structure with a fresh finish. With a limited production of only 2500 bottles, this Cinsault is a rare and delicious wine that showcases the varietal’s lovely fragrant fruit on both the nose and palate. A pure and delicious expression of Cinsault, this wine is a must-try for fans of this grape.

Le Mour Clos des Nines 2020
This wine is a unique blend of 70% Mourvèdre and 30% Carignan, both varietals known for their bold and complex character. The Carignan grapes are sourced from very old vines and undergo carbonic maceration to extract more fruitiness. The nose is a combination of fresh black fruit aromas, with hints of pepper and eucalyptus. On the palate, it has a full-bodied structure with smooth tannins. The combination of fiery, peppery and sweetly tannic Mourvèdre with the red berries character of the old Carignan grapes, creates a wine that is both spicy and frisky. Only 4500 bottles of this wine were produced, making it a true rarity.

L’Orée Clos des Nines 2020
L’Orée is a wine that truly captures the essence of its terroir. Its aroma is a reflection of the surrounding scrubland, with ripe brambles and red berries complementing its smoky, garrigue, chocolatey notes and a hint of liquorice. The mouthfeel is supple and full, ending with a satisfyingly refreshing finish. Comprised of 50% Grenache Noir, 25% Syrah and 25% Cinsault, sourced from vines no younger than 30 years old, and aged for 9 months in tank before blending.

O du Clos Clos des Nines 2019
This wine is a blend of 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache, aged for 18 months in used oak barrels. The nose is complex and elegant, with notes of chocolate, blackberry, and pepper. On the palate, it has a full-bodied structure with soft tannins and a mineral finish. The patience used in the maturation of the Syrah grapes results in a wine that is complex, rich, and silky on the mouth. The combination of power and sweetness make it a unique wine. Only 1500 bottles of this wine were produced, making it a rare and special treat for wine connoisseurs.