Our prices held until September 2023


From 1st August 2023, the UK will experience the largest increase in alcohol duty rates since the 1970s. The current duty of £2.23 per 75cl bottle already accounts for over 30% of the cost of a £7 bottle of wine – the average price paid per bottle in the UK. The new rates will increase this cost to nearly 40% for the same bottle.

The changes will result in all wines with ABVs of 11.5% to 14.5% (the majority of the wines we sell) being grouped into a single rate, with an increase in duty of £0.44 per bottle. Rates on wines over 15% will increase even more. There is some consolation however: existing premium duty rates on Champagne and sparkling wines will decrease, in line with the new duty rates.

As our stocks move quickly, we will begin to pay more duty on the wines we offer you from 1st August. However, we are holding our prices until at least Friday 1st September, giving you time to stock up on your Davy’s favourites.

We have highlighted a few of our best-sellers on the link below, including our ever-popular Own-Label White Burgundy (2021 is possibly the best yet), and the stunning value, Decanter 92 point-rated claret, Château Argadens from the Sichel family (also part-owners of Margaux’s Château Palmer).