Future Drinking

Wines that will cellar well in the medium term and offer delicious future drinking options.
Choose from either The Complete Selection – a no-fuss Cellar Plan fixed at £100 per month that delivers a comprehensive range of fine wines of the world at fixed intervals – or the more flexible standard Future Drinking plan, allowing you to select a monthly direct debit from £100 to suit your budget, as well as briefing us on your preferred styles of wines. Scroll down to see the example cellar.


£100 per month

Receive two six-bottle cases each quarter:
January – two six-bottle cases of Burgundy, one red and one white
April – two six-bottle cases of reds from outside of France
July – two six-bottle cases of reds from Bordeaux, one Left Bank and one Right Bank
October – two six bottle cases from anywhere, one red and one white

The price of each quarterly two case allocation will total approximately £225 in bond, leaving credit from the £300 accrued over the quarter to cover duty & VAT costs once the wines are delivered. Alternatively, duty paid wines may be allocated, with the price including duty & VAT and the full credit balance from the quarter used. Wines chosen by your account manager.




Choose your monthly direct debit amount (minimum £100)

– Select the styles of wines you are interested in adding to your cellar when signing up, with the option to discuss further with your account manager.
– Either give your account manager the discretion to add wines on your behalf based on your preferences, or choose wines for your cellar yourself based on our fine wine offer emails and Cellar Plan exclusives.
– Fully flexible approach – choose to allow your credit balance to build up over several months for specific special wines, or make regular additions to your cellar using your available balance and credit allowance.