Winemaker Audible Series: Bodegas Ochoa

Welcome to the latest in our new series of audio interviews, where we hand the producer the microphone and allow them to tell us all about their winery and individual wines.

This time, it’s Beatrice Ochoa, 6th generation at Bodegas Ochoa in Navarra.

Situated in Olite, the wine capital of Navarra, Bodegas Ochoa is a family winery which strives to convey the spirit, passion and dedication of over 160 years of vineyard ownership in every bottle they produce. With the utmost care in the vineyard and skilful winemaking, they continue to set the standard for quality wines in the region with wines that rival some of the best in neighbouring Rioja.


First, choose a wine and you will find the link to hear Beatrice’s thoughts about it on the ‘product description’ tab. Her view of the winery, with some interesting insights, is on the ‘about the producer’ tab.