Winemaker Audible Series: Pelassa

Welcome to the latest in our new series of audio interviews, where we hand the producer the microphone and allow them to tell us all about their winery and individual wines.

This time, it’s Daniele Pelassa, winemaker at Pelassa.

Based in Montà d’Alba in Piedmont, Pelassa is a small family estate, founded in the 1950s by Mario Pelassa. Aged just 10, he took the advice to get ‘on yer bike’, to help the family fortunes, cycling into Turin with a few flasks of Nebbiolo to sell. Today his charming sons Daniele and Davide run the estate. Their wine are swiftly gaining a reputation amongst Piedmont’s best, winning rewards and generating interest around the world.


First, choose a wine and you will find the link to hear Daniele’s view of the winery, with some interesting insights, on the ‘about the producer’ tab.