Virgin Experience Tasting Voucher

Welcome to Davy’s Wine Merchants, a family-owned wine shipper since 1870, with offices and cellars in Greenwich and wine bar venues across London. If you have purchased or been gifted a Virgin Tasting Experience Voucher, please follow these simple steps to make you booking.

  1. Check our available Tasting Events (using the links below)
  2. Once you have chosen the tasting you wish to attend, please email us via this link and add all requested information. You will then receive an email confirmation for your booking. Please note you can’t redeem your voucher code via our website.

If you have a Davy’s Evening Wine School Tasting Voucher (£45.00) please view the available dates here.

If you have a Wine Tasting Masterclass & Three Course Supper Voucher (£80.00) please view the available dates here.

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