Château de Mille: Unveiling the Essence of Provence’s Terroir

Nestled in Provence’s heart, Château de Mille is the oldest vineyard in Luberon, dating back to 1238. Under the ownership of Constance and Lawrence Slaughter, the estate has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2018. Organic and biodynamic practices, an active biodiversity strategy, and a new winery showcase their commitment to sustainability.

Located at 200-400 meters altitude, the vineyard benefits from a unique micro-climate influenced by the southern Rhone Valley and Provençal plateaus. Diverse soils and old vines aged 50-70 years produce wines with exceptional freshness and character. The Mille terroir, bridging Provence and the Rhône Valley, offers a blend of character and freshness. With 116 hectares, including 25 dedicated to vines, the estate’s limestone, clayey-sandy, and stony soils contribute to the terroir’s exceptional potential.

Château de Mille cultivates old vines, including Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan, as well as young Cinsault. To revive the tradition of great white wines, new plantings of Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, and Marsanne have been added. Under the guidance of Constance and Lawrence, the estate is committed to producing outstanding red, rosé, and white wines. State-of-the-art facilities and meticulous winemaking techniques ensure the wines authentically reflect the terroir’s quality. Organic farming methods, horses for delicate vineyard work, and a focus on biodiversity contribute to the health and vitality of the soil and vines.

Château de Mille’s dedication extends beyond wine production; it aims to preserve and enrich the ecosystem across the estate. The completion of the organic certification and ongoing initiatives underscore their commitment to sustainability.

The Wines

Château de Mille Celestine, Luberon AOP
Celestine, the flagship cuvée, captivates with its Grenache-dominant blend, complemented by up to 30% Syrah. After 18 months of aging in stainless steel tanks (70%) and 600hl oak barrels (30%), it reveals enticing aromas of red berries intertwined with hints of dry woodlands. This full-bodied and elegant wine delights the palate with silky tannins.

Château de Mille St Lucide
St Lucide exemplifies the beauty of a Syrah blend, enriched by a touch of Grenache and Carignan. Aged for 18 months in 600hl oak barrels (60%) and stainless-steel tanks (40%), it enchants with concentrated aromas of black berries, accompanied by delicate notes of violets and black pepper. This full-bodied wine exhibits texture on the palate and a long, satisfying finish.

Château de Mille Clefs de Mille
Clefs de Mille showcases the allure of Carignan as the key grape, accompanied by up to 20% Grenache. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged for six months in concrete vats, it unveils an aromatic and fruit-forward profile. With flavors of cherries and subtle hints of dried herbs, this wine entices with its freshness and vibrancy.

Château de Mille Rosé
The Rosé from Château de Mille is a delightful composition primarily made with Cinsault, complemented by hints of Syrah and Carignan. Partly aged in clay amphorae to preserve the fruits, it exudes captivating aromas of red berries and white flowers. This delicate and refreshing wine offers a harmonious complexity on the palate, culminating in a truly enjoyable finish.