How to create your dream wine cellar

Get our expert advice on how to build your cellar – whether you want to drink, store or sell your wine

For many it’s the stuff of dreams: a cellar full of vintage Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, Napa and Champagne to choose from on a weekly basis. Hosting barbeques and opening twenty-year old magnums of Penfolds now in their prime; taking that coveted bottle of Grand Cru Burgundy to a friend’s dinner party, or simply opening a bottle of Dom Perignon because it’s Friday.

Fine wine doesn’t really need an occasion – that comes when you pop the cork. That last example is a little bit extravagant though.

Affordable plans to build your cellar

Picture this: You begin putting £100 per month into your wine cellar with Davy’s this month. Within a year – you will have close to 150 bottles in your cellar, chosen by you, or tailored to your tastes by your cellar plan manager.

£100 per month is plenty to begin building an enviable wine collection: after five years you will have enough fine wine to drink a bottle a week for the next seven years. What’s more – if you were to buy those bottles off the shelf in your local fine wine shop, they would cost you a lot more.


Drink some, sell some

On that last point it’s worth remembering that there will be opportunities to sell your wines for more than you paid for them. While we can’t promise the 700% growth that 2008 Lafite Rothschild saw in its first two years of life, if you have an eye on a few cases per year for investment purposes – you may be able to fund most of your drinking with those sales.

On plans of £250 per month or more, not only will your collection grow faster, you will also be given a complimentary case of fine wine to start you off. You might also cast an eye towards some more premium wines which can see values increase more rapidly.

Your cellar

Your cellar is put together exactly as you wish – if you’d like a few bottles of vintage Port from a special year, or a bone-dry Riesling from Wehlener Sonnenuhr, no problem.

You’ll receive information on the latest releases from your cellar plan manager weekly and you’ll probably catch up over a glass of wine or lunch at least once a year. Your bottles will be stored in pristine condition within our partner bonded warehouses, London City Bond, or in our Greenwich Cellars if you’d prefer to store duty paid.

Your bottles can be taken out and delivered by the case, by the bottle, or even straight to one of our bars, just in time for dinner or post-work drinks.