Winemaker Audible Series: Corte Cavedini

Welcome to the fourth in our new series of audio interviews, where we hand the producer the microphone and allow them to tell us all about their winery and individual wines.

This time, it’s Elena Cavedini of Corte Cavedini, a small family-owned winery in the Valpolicella hills of the Marcellise Valley.  Corte Cavedini produce three excellent wines – a ‘regular’ Valpolicella, a delicate, sweet Ripasso and powerful but elegant Amarone – all of which we can highly recommend.

Established in 1996 by father, Umberto, the family owns seven hectares of vines surrounding their recently refurbished cellar.  Alongside his wife Paola and children Marco and Elena, Umberto follows sustainable practices, with a strong focus on traditional techniques which have been passed down to him by his father. The results are superb and these wines are well worth investigating further.


First, choose a wine and then you will find the link to hear Elena’s thoughts about it on the ‘product description’ tab. Her view of the winery,  of the domaine, with some interesting insights, is on the ‘about the producer’ tab.