Winemaker Audible Series: Mount Brown

Welcome to the latest in our new series of audio interviews, where we hand the producer the microphone and allow them to tell us all about their winery and individual wines.

This time, it’s Frank Manifold, winemaker at Mount Brown in New Zealand.

We are proud to be the exclusive UK shippers for the family-owned Mount Brown winery, which is based in Waipara, south of Marlborough.  Aromatic grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, and also Pinot Noir, are perfectly suited to Mount Brown’s small, sheltered, stony site and wine making here is of a very high order. We have heard Waipara described as “one of the unsung heroes of the wine industry” but it is the outstanding wines from wineries such as Mount Brown that are now putting it on the map.


First, choose a wine and you will find the link to hear Frank’s thoughts about it on the ‘product description’ tab. His view of the winery, with some interesting insights, is on the ‘about the producer’ tab.