Winemaker Audible Series: Montauto

Welcome to the second in our new series of interviews, where we hand the producer the microphone and allow them to tell us all about their winery and individual wines.

This time, it’s Riccardo Lepri of Tenuta Montauto in Tuscany’s Maremma. Since taking over the estate from his grandfather in 2001, Riccardo has followed an organic approach, making fresh and delicate wines with concentrated flavours which are now generating a lot of interest amongst critics.

While there are two excellent reds, a rosé and sparkling in the range, Riccardo has decided to focus mainly on his passion for white wine, which is unusual in the region. Why not order your own selection and allow him to introduce each wine?


First choose a wine and then you will find the link to hear Riccardo’s thoughts about it on the ‘product description’ tab. His overview of the winery, with some fascinating insights, is on the ‘about the producer’ tab.