Rikus Neethling

The word ‘Bizoe’ is derived from the French word ‘Bisous’, meaning little kiss, and is the creation of vintner Rikus Neethling. ‘Less is more’ is at the forefront of his vinification and viticulture philosophy allowing the production of high-quality wines from the best selected grapes. The location in the Western Cape with blue skies and majestic mountain backdrops provides the perfect setting for Rikus to combine both his passion and knowledge for wine and South Africa. As a result, his handcrafted wines are a true reflection of the terroirs as well as the individual. Read more.

The People

After completing his studies in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch, Rikus Neethling gained experience in the Rhône Valley, where he learnt about Syrah’s diverse personality. Later, intrigued by how the Australians pioneered Shiraz, he stayed in the Hunter Valley, and discovered the ethereal intrinsic of Semillon. When back to South Africa, in 2008, Rikus set up his winery in Helderberg, in the heart of the Cape Winelands. He has since never become complacent in discovering, experimenting, and sharing the fruit of his labour. Every wine he crafts pays homage to various vineyard sites where he sources the fruit. He especially chooses to showcase small, unique vineyard pockets, striving to unlock the untapped potential.
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The Vineyards

The Semillon comes from the Darling area, where vines thrive in the cool Atlantic breezes. Inland vineyards from the beautiful and mountainous Franschhoek offer a rich palate to express this grape.

The Shiraz hails from the Breedekloof; another winegrowing region celebrated for its dramatic landscape and fascinating mesoclimates formed by towering mountains and deep river valleys. Grapes are also sourced from Darling and Stellenbosch which consistently deliver quality Shiraz.

The Wine

Rikus only produces limited quantities, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience.
RNW Sauvignon Blanc
Bizoe ‘Henriëtta’
Bizoe Morningstar Semillon
RNW Cape Blend Rikus Neethling
Bizoe ‘Estalët’ Syrah
Bizoe ‘Genant’ SGM
Bizoe Tiny Semillon Noble Late Harvest