Modeano is an ancient village in the Friulian Riviera with a rich history of wine production dating back to Roman times. Norberto Marzotto, the estate’s founder, played a pivotal role in reviving the region's wine production in the early 20th century. Now, Gabriele Vialetto and his wife Emanuela run the estate with passion. Their modern winery is in a farmhouse bordering the small church of Madonna del Rosario. Modeano’s vineyards, between Venice and Trieste, benefit from sea breezes that make wines rich in concentration and aromatics. The 32 hectares of vineyards have well-drained clay soils with minerals from the ice age, enhancing Modeano’s wines in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Read more

The People

The name “Modeano” first appears in a document from 1561. The Republic of Venice, in need of money to fight the invading Turks, sold some of the Palazzolo municipal assets to the Venetian Dandolo family. The estate later belonged to the Bertuzzi family and in 1905 to Norberto Marzotto, a renowned vine expert and author of a famous Italian Ampelography book published in 1927.

He turned what was a simple farm into a village with new houses for tenants, a church, an elementary school and a social club. When his son Arnaldo, in the late 1950s, decided to move to America, he sold the land to the former tenants. Emanuela’s family bought the company, vineyards and cellar in the late 1950s. Gabriele and Emanuela married in 1982 and began running the company together.

The Vineyards and Sustainability

Modeano is committed to environmental and biodiversity protection, avoiding chemical and synthetic products, and using minimal and strictly regulated fertilisers. They hold the SQNPI certification (Integrated Production National Quality System), which confirms its high sustainability standards in the vineyard and the winery. Modeano also relies on solar power for its electricity and has planted trees and cover crops to improve the soil and the ecosystem.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia
32 Hectares
Loam clay soil

The Wines

Pinot Grigio