Domaine Pascal Prunier-Bonheur

Being the fifth generation of winegrowers in the family, Pascal Prunier took over his father’s estate in the 1980s. Today Domaine Pascal Prunier-Bonheur bears the name of both Pascal and his wife, Christine Bonheur. The estate spreads over 8 ha across Saint-Romain towards Auxey-Duresses, Monthelie, Meursault and Pommard. Combining tradition and modernity their wines are known for their elegance and reasonable prices, something that can be difficult to find in Burgundy. Read more...

The People

In Burgundy, knowing who is who is crucial. When we met the charming Pascal Prunier, fifth generation of this super quality-driven winegrowing family, we were very impressed with his Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. Pascal took over the estate in 1983. His aim is to reflect the vineyard and allow the grapes to speak for themselves.
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The Vineyards

The estate spreads over 8 hectares in the Côte de Beaune across Saint-Romain towards Auxey-Duresses, Monthelie, Meursault and Pommard. Lesser-known appellations Auxey-Duresses is one to watch. Benefiting from excellent south and south-east orientation alongside a high proportion of limestone in the soils, the wines share similar characteristics to those from nearby Meursault and Volnay.

The Wines

Coteaux Bourguignons Le P’tit Bonheur Blanc
Auxey-Duresses Blanc
Saint-Romain La Combe Bazin
Auxey-Duresses Blanc Les Crais
Meursault Grands Charons
Monthelie 1er Cru Les Vignes Rondes
Auxey-Duresses 1er Cru Les Duresses
Beaune Rouge 1er Cru Les Sizies