Azienda Agricola Daniele Pelassa

Located in Montà d’Alba, in the chalky Roero hills of Piedmont, the Pelassa family owns 12 hectares of vineyards focusing on the grapes best suited for the land: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Arneis. The present winery was created in 1960 by the late Mario Pelassa, who has been in the wine business for over 50 years. Today, his sons, Davide and Daniele, continue with the family tradition, expanding their winery into new markets. Pelassa adheres mainly to traditional methods of vinification, but has integrated modern techniques through the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment. Read more...

The People

Mario Pelassa founded the winery in 1960 after he had finished his military service. When he was aged just 10, he took the advice to get ‘on yer bike’ to help the family fortunes, cycling into Turin with a few flasks of Nebbiolo to sell. A few years later, the winery was established. His charming sons, Davide and Daniele, took over in 2000 and modernised the winery. Davide takes care of the vineyards and Daniele is the winemaker and the face associated with the winery as he enthusiastically promotes it around the world.
Click below to hear more about the winery, direct from winemaker Daniele Pelassa interviewed at Prowein in 2019:

 The Vineyards

The 12 hectares of vines are located in Monte d’Alba in Piedmont. Davide works the vineyard meticulously with a scrupulous clonal planning in the new plants. The focus is on producing the three varieties which are the most suitable to the typical soil of the area: Arneis, Nebbiolo and Barbera, with the aim to make wine that express their terroir. They also grow international variety for their entry level wines.

The Wines

Their wines are constantly generating interest around the world, receiving great scores from international wine critics.

Mario’s White
Roero Arneis San Vito
Mario’s Red
Langhe Corte Enrichetta
Barbera d’Alba ‘Superiore’ San Pancrazio
Nebbiolo d’Alba Sot
Barolo Riserva
Barolo San Lorenzo di Verduno