Mixed cases of wine – Davy’s Wine Merchant guide

Mixed cases are a fantastic way to discover new wines.

Over the past decades the production of wine has been growing across the globe, a trend that is expected to continue. More producers, wine regions and grape varieties means many more labels to choose from. This can be exciting however having too many choices can also be overwhelming.  You may have experienced this when selecting wine for a party, a gift, or to replenish your wine rack, especially when shopping online. To make it easy we have carefully created a range of mixed cases to fit all budgets. A fantastic way to discover new wines with the choices made for you!

Looking for a wine adventure?

A massive 1,368 grape varieties are used to make wine across the world, but most of us are familiar with just the few ‘noble’ varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. If you like your classics, our mixed cases are a great introduction to the famous appellations of Bordeaux and Burgundy. You may wish to compare them with their New World counterpart. Alternatively, a wine trip to Spain or Italy is highly recommended to discover new grape varieties as well as our unusual suspects selection. You could also go in blind with our mystery case which offers great value. However, to take your guide from other popular choices, our best seller and award-winning selections offer excellent wines and are a safe bet.

Seasonal mixed cases

The weather impacts both what we eat and also what we drink. Colour is the first thing that comes to mind for seasonal wine with whites and rosés being the summer favourites, against reds in winter. Fuller bodied white or rosé will be at its best when the heat cools slightly, while a lightly chilled fruity red is perfect when it rises. Our barbecue and summer essentials as well as our winter wonders offer great seasonal options. We also offer a fantastic selection for the festive season. Our Christmas Quaffers and Twelve Wine of Christmas cover all budgets to celebrate Christmas in style.

Have some fun!

Wine is the perfect drink for a gathering with friends and family. Adding a tasting element to your night will make it memorable. Try one of our winemaker audible series to see how European classics compare with on-trend wines. You could also entertain your guests with a blind tasting. Could they distinguish a Champagne from an English sparkling?

Our extensive selection of mixed cases also include a selection of vegan, organic and natural wine as well as half bottles.