Malbec Day

International Malbec Day – Monday 17th April

The 17th April 1863 is the day when Malbec was first introduced to Argentina from France by Michel Aimee Puget (and a great excuse to pair these generous, full-bodied reds with the first barbecue of the season!). Malbec is now Argentina’s signature grape variety, and is widely grown in Mendoza and San Juan, where vines are planted in higher altitude and irrigated with pure melt water from the Andes. They produce aromatic and delicate wines due to the large ‘diurnal’ temperature, offering an abundance of bright sunshine and heat during the day and cool temperature at night. Classic Argentine Malbec are fruity and juicy with violet notes and are proving very popular. Our top choices include a trio of Malbecs from Patricio Gouguenheim. Patricio was in finance until the Peso crashed in 2002, when he hung up his suit and tie and bought an old winery in the Uco Valley. His reds have depth and power associated with Malbec and added freshness and elegance. There’s even a berry scented sparkling rosé from Malbec  – perfect for the onset of spring!

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